Lock Rite Washers
Lock Rite Washers are used along with Bolts and offer resistance to self loosening during vibration and fluctuating loads. These washers wedge each other and lock themselves utilizing tension leading to a secure bolted joint. Using Lock Rite washers ensures a long term vibration proof locking devices.

Applications Automotive, railways, marine, power plants, thermal energy, wind energy, construction, mining, marine, agriculture, off road, earthmoving equipments, onshore and offshore projects, process industries, switch gears, machineries, high voltage motors etc.


  • To solve the problem of fastener failure due to bolt loosening
  • Simple, reusable and reduces maintenance cost avoiding bolted joint failure
  • No lubrication required and no failure in locking if there is lubrication
  • Stock available for standard bolt size
  • No friction during locking and vibration, thus no damage, wear and tear to bolts
  • Available in a variety of material to suit different working temperature of bolts
  • Used to prevent fastener loosening caused by dynamic loading
  • RoHS compliant and mechanical zinc plating available
  • 100% manufactured and tested in India
  • Results in Joint Integrity
  • Delta Protekt®

Lock Rite Washers are used in Pairs. Both Washers have Radial Teeth and are assembled opposite to each other. Lock Rite Washers can be used with Bolts and Threaded Holes. When using with Bolts and Nuts 1 Pair should be used on either side. LockRite Washers eliminate the use of Adhesive for Locking as it automatically secures the Joints.

Lock Rite Washers are widely used in various industries such as Construction, Automotive, Mining, Oil & Natural Gas
and Power Plants.

Advantages :

  • Avoids Loosening due to Vibration and Heavy Loads
  • Perfect Locking is achieved at any Preload Levels
  • When Maximum Safety is desired while Tightening Nut/Bolt
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
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