Belleville washer

Belleville washer in imperial as well as metric sizes. Belleville washers also called conical spring washers are manufactured as per DIN 6796 and are designed specifically for Heavy Duty Bolted section such as Bus Bars, Transformers, Rectifiers, Heat Exchangers, Transmission etc. These washers are intended to counteract the effect of setting which results in bolt/nut assemblies working loose. They do not effectively prevent loosening of the assembly under varying radial load and are designed for use with short bolts predominantly subject to thrust.
Belleville washers are high stressed components and cannot be used for dynamic loading and infrequent varying load applications. The force give in the table below is approximate. IIS Belleville washers are made from various Carbon steel grades, Chrome-Vanadium steel, Stainless steel etc.
Quality and Testing :
IIS Belleville Washers are Tested as per DIN 6796 and DIN 267 Part 26. Most Thicker Sizes are supplied in Phosphated and Oiled Condition.
Material :
Various Carbon Steel Grades, Chrome Vanadium Steel, Spring Steel, Stainless Steel, etc.
IIS has Ready Stock of all Standard Sizes of Belleville Washers in Spring Steel Material.
Other Special material are available on request.

Finish : Phosphaed and Oiled.

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