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When to use flat washers and lock washers
( Updated: 2012.1.12 )

H.J TECH INDUSTRY LIMITED is giving a quick reference as to when to use flat washers and Lock washers.

Generally, flat washer would negate any locking effect of the split washer. When the split lock washer digs into the base material it is likely to hold better. However, the split lock washer will exert force on the bolt/screw head as well by compression. A flat washer under a split locking washer to protect the base material, plating, or coating from damage caused by the split washer action. Flat washer also used to distribute the fastener load or ensure the split washer does not fall or grind into a larger clearance hole feature. Damage caused by the washer could cause corrosion or fatigue cracks. Using the two together will in most cases prevent the fastener from backing out as well.

Any negative effects would be found when using both flat and lock washers together.

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